Geothermal HVAC systems offer an efficient solution for your home comfort needs in Yulee, Florida. These systems include ground-source and water-source options for heating and cooling your home. The type of system that’s best for your home depends on several factors, including its location, your budget and the characteristics of your property. Knowing about the types of geothermal HVAC systems allows you to make the best decision for your comfort.

Horizontal Loop

A horizontal loop system needs 400 to 600 feet of liquid-filled tubing per 1-ton of cooling capacity. We offer a slinky style of installation for this type of geothermal HVAC system, so they don’t take up as much space or disturb your landscaping. In most cases, you need a large lot for horizontal loops. The loops sit about four to six feet underground.

Well Water Loop

If your property has a water well, this is an option. The tubing can make use of the existing well on your property. One well is used for the intake of the open system, and a second well is used for the discharge.

Pond or Lake Loop

All of the lakes and ponds around Yulee make the pond or lake loop type of geothermal HVAC system a popular choice. This type of closed system uses the water of the pond or lake for transferring heat into or out of your home.

Vertical Closed Loop

This type of geothermal HVAC system is ideal for small lots and properties with extensive landscaping. Two holes 20 feet apart and up to 400 feet deep are used for placement of the tubing.

When you’re ready to lower your home’s carbon footprint and energy bills, consider a geothermal HVAC system. These low-maintenance systems typically pay for themselves after a few years of use. At Ed’s Comfort Solutions, we look forward to telling you more about these energy-efficient HVAC systems and installing the best one for your home comfort needs.

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