Heat Pump Repair

Common Problems That Lead to a Heat Pump Repair

September 13, 2020

A functional and efficient heat pump is necessary during summer in Atlantic Beach, FL. This HVAC system helps to cool the air during the humid, hot weather. However, issues can keep it from performing at its best. Here are three problems that lead to a heat pump repair:

Heat Pump Fails to Turn On

The heat pump may fail to turn on because of a problem with the thermostat. Calibrating a programmable thermostat incorrectly can lead to a malfunction. The heat pump may also fail to turn on due to the circuit breaker tripping, resulting in lack of power.

Your heat pump may have a broken starter capacitor. This device transmits the electrical charge necessary to turn on the heat pump motors. These problems will require that you hire a professional service technician for repairs and preventive maintenance.

Heat Pump Doesn’t Cool

The functional design of a heat pump allows it to help with cooling and heating. It uses a specified amount of refrigerant in its functions. When these levels are too low, they limit the heat pump’s ability or cause it to fail. A refrigerant leak in your system may also cause this problem. In instances where the air from the vents is lukewarm, the components may need cleaning due to dirt buildup. A broken reverse valve in the heat pump may cause a lack of cooling and may need replacement.

Heat Pump Makes Abnormal Sounds

Heat pumps naturally produce some noise when operating. However, grinding, rattling or screeching indicates a problem. A loose fan belt may cause flapping noises as the heat pump operates. Other noises, like squealing, may indicate parts that need replacement or worn-out motor bearings.

The lifespan and efficiency of the heat pumps depend on proper use, timely repairs and periodic maintenance. Call Ed’s Comfort Solutions for excellent heat pump repair and installation services.

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