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When you need reliable heating and cooling, count on the knowledgeable pros at Ed’s Comfort Solutions. As your local HVAC specialist, we have the heating and cooling solutions you need to enjoy unparalleled comfort. We specialize in the installation, repair and maintenance of many HVAC systems, including ductless air conditioners and heaters.

What’s Ductless Air Conditioning and Heating?

Standard HVAC systems work by forcing heated and cooled air through a network of air ducts to create comfortable conditions inside your home. It’s a proven approach to climate control, but it’s not without issues. Air ducts can often sustain damage and leak, decreasing efficiency and circulating more particle pollutants into your home. If the HVAC system can’t distribute air evenly, you may also end up with uncomfortable hot and cold spots.

Ductless HVAC systems, also known as mini-splits, cut out the so-called middle man. Indoor air handler units deliver conditioned air directly into your living space, eliminating wasteful leaks and other airflow issues. Instead of ductwork, all the system needs is a small conduit to connect the air handlers to an outdoor compressor unit. You can install a single mini-split or connect several to create a multi-zone setup within a larger house.

You Can Do More With a Ductless AC Installation

With no need for bulky air ducts, ductless air conditioning and heating systems are perfect for meeting various climate control challenges. You can mount air handlers to nearly any surface in your home, allowing you to direct air precisely where you need it. You can also use ductless mini-splits as a whole-home solution or as a supplement to your existing forced-air system. The most popular applications for ductless AC include:

  • Heating and cooling homes that aren’t set up for ductwork.
  • Conditioning bedrooms, converted garages and other new home additions.
  • Creating personalized comfort spaces for each family member to control.

Top-Notch Ductless HVAC Services and Solutions

At Ed’s Comfort Solutions, we love helping our customers discover all the possibilities of ductless HVAC systems. In addition to ductless mini-split installations, we also specialize in repairs and maintenance. Here are some reasons customers choose us:

  • Provide customers with superior service from the moment you call.
  • Enforce a drug-free policy and take pride in hiring the best people for the job.
  • Guarantee our HVAC systems to perform to your specific comfort needs.
  • Cover our equipment with a manufacturer’s warranty after we install it.

To schedule a ductless AC service in Northeast Florida or Southeast Georgia, contact Ed’s Comfort Solutions today. We’re standing by to satisfy your comfort needs.

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