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3 Dangers of an Unlevel AC System in Hilliard, FL

April 15, 2024

Refrigerant must flow through the air conditioner in your home in Hilliard, FL, at a given pressure, which means that the system needs to be at a pre-established, even keel. This means that if your system sits in a tilted position, significant adverse consequences may follow. Here are three significant dangers of having an unlevel AC system:


If your AC system’s condenser coil isn’t in a level position, this may cause it to begin vibrating excessively. This vibration will burden your system with greater stress, the cumulative effects of which can be quite damaging if you allow them to persist for months or years. In particular, your system’s refrigerant lines and other tubing may sustain damage, causing refrigerant to leak out.

Declining AC Efficiency

If refrigerant leaks out of your system, it won’t be able to transfer heat as effectively as it could before, leading to a general reduction of efficiency. The immediate consequence of this will be higher utility bills.

Since particular refrigerant levels are necessary for your AC system’s compressor and condenser, falling refrigerant levels may also damage these parts. They may even create a risk of electrocution. This is why it’s essential that a trained HVAC service technician conduct repairs or maintenance on your system to replace lost refrigerant and fix its refrigerant lines.

Even if no refrigerant leaks out of your AC system, uneven orientation may still create efficiency issues. The movement of your refrigerant may be uneven, and as a result, cooling may become sporadic.

Drainage and Humidity

Throughout operations, humidity can accumulate inside your AC system. The system has ways of removing this humidity, but if things don’t sit evenly, these drainage systems may not work well, causing water damage to your coils and the possibility of biological growth.

An uneven air conditioner can create issues for your AC system’s components and home comfort. Call Ed’s Comfort Solutions to schedule AC repair services to receive professional assistance.

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