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Don’t Make These 4 Heat Pump Mistakes in Kingsland, GA

January 17, 2023

How you use your heat pump affects its efficiency significantly. By learning how to use yours optimally, you’ll save on energy bills and repair costs. Here are some common heat pump mistakes homeowners in Kingsland, GA, make and how to avoid them:

Cranking Up the Thermostat

Your thermostat allows you to communicate your temperature needs to your heat pump. Most homeowners assume that setting their thermostats higher will heat their homes faster.

By cranking up your thermostat, you’ll do more harm than good because your system will run for an extended period, causing its parts to wear out. Also, if your heat pump continues to run for too long, it’ll consume more energy than normal, making you see an increase in your energy bills.

Failing to Change the Air Filter

A heat pump cannot operate efficiently if dirt and debris accumulate on its components. An air filter helps to protect the system’s parts from these contaminants. As the filter catches more pollutants, it becomes clogged, blocking air from entering your system.

This causes your heat pump to work hard for an extended period, trying to pull air through the filter. Consider changing your heat pump’s air filter once every month or two.

Failing to Schedule Maintenance

Heat pumps require maintenance to continue running efficiently. A maintenance routine helps to keep the components clean, lubricate the moving parts, check electrical connections and fix any damage.

Ignoring Unusual Smells and Sounds

Typically, heat pumps operate without emitting any weird smells or sounds. Therefore, if you get any smells or sounds you are not familiar with, there is a problem that requires a service technician’s attention.

Troubling odors include a burning rubber smell, a dirty-sock smell and a rotten-egg smell. You shouldn’t ignore sounds like banging, hissing, gurgling, humming or buzzing.

Contact Ed’s Comfort Solutions for quality heating services this winter if your heat pump isn’t warming your home efficiently. We will inspect it carefully and get it back in working order.

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