Commercial HVAC System

How to Get the Most From Your Commercial HVAC System

May 20, 2022

Your commercial HVAC system in Brunswick, GA, is a costly investment. As such, you want it to operate efficiently for as long as possible However, it needs regular maintenance to perform efficiently. To get the most out of your commercial HVAC system, you should take the following proactive measures:

Schedule Routine Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Tuneups are an excellent way to optimize the efficiency of your commercial HVAC system. During our tuneup visit, we’ll inspect every component of your air conditioner or heater to ensure everything is in working order.

In addition, we’ll maintain the system’s fragile components and identify any prospective problems before they become pricey. Scheduling routine maintenance at least once annually will let your commercial HVAC system offer the temperatures you require while avoiding excessive wear and tear.

Clean the Ducts and Vents

Dust and other material will inevitably clog vents and ducts. When this happens, the system struggles to distribute air.

These obstacles grow in size over time, putting undue strain on parts and causing them to wear out faster. By scheduling duct cleaning, your system will be fully operational this summer.

Replace HVAC AIr Filters Regularly

HVAC air filters will withstand the harshest conditions. They require minimal maintenance and are long-lasting. However, you must replace dirty HVAC air filters every three months for optimum HVAC performance. Ideally, replace your HVAC system’s filter every month for optimum performance.

Pick the Right HVAC Equipment

If you need an HVAC replacement or are constructing a new office, you must ensure that the system you choose is the right size. Oversized units are inefficient, whereas undersized units operate continuously and cannot keep up with your workload. Before you invest, ensure you call an HVAC expert to calculate the right load capacity for your business.

Contact Ed’s Comfort Solutions for all your commercial HVAC needs. A well-maintained commercial HVAC system may go a long way toward assisting you in running your business. We also offer air conditioning, ductless AC, heating, indoor air quality and HVAC maintenance services.

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