Your HVAC system helps you enjoy optimal indoor comfort levels. Some homes in Yulee, Florida, have certain areas that feel hotter or colder, though. By following these three steps, you can eliminate hot and cold spots and increase energy efficiency in your home:

Schedule an Inspection

Oftentimes, an HVAC system’s ductwork is the culprit of hot and cold spots. When not installed properly, your HVAC system won’t distribute the air it products evenly throughout your home. As a result, it causes variances in temperatures from one room to the next. By having the ductwork inspected, a professional HVAC contractor can pinpoint issues with the ductwork and make appropriate adjustments.

Check the Supply Vents

One of the simplest ways to eliminate hot and cold spots is to check your supply vents. Many times, homeowners are unaware their vents are closed, which means air isn’t flowing evenly throughout the home. Closed vents can also increase the pressure in the HVAC system.

Walk around your home and open any closed supply vents to allow the air to blow freely. Also make sure pieces of furniture or curtains aren’t blocking the vents. As a result, you’ll not only improve comfort but also prevent pressure from building up and damaging your HVAC system.

Use Your Thermostat

Another easy way to eliminate hot and cold spots is to take advantage of your thermostat, especially when paired with zoned heating and cooling. This allows you to adjust temperatures in different rooms at the same time. If one room is too hot or cold, you can adjust the temperature for that room only without affecting the rest of the house. As a result, you’ll increase energy efficiency and maximize savings.

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