Keeping your home in Yulee, Florida, cool during the summer months is a top priority. If your air conditioning system begins to blow warm air, you may be concerned for not only your comfort but also your system’s health. Here are four reasons your AC system is blowing warm air:

Your AC System is Low on Refrigerant

Your AC system relies on refrigerant to cool the air that circulates through the system. If it becomes too low, it won’t be able to properly cool and result in warm air blowing through the vents. Contact an HVAC specialist to charge your refrigerant or determine if there’s a leak in your system.

Your Air Filter Has Clogged Because of Dirty Coils

Without proper maintenance, your AC system’s evaporator coils can become dirty. This dirt can travel to your filter and clog it, preventing the cool air from coming through. If this occurs, you’ll need to change the filter and have an HVAC specialist clean your coils.

Dirt Has Gotten Into Your Outdoor Unit

Your outdoor unit has a lot of moving parts. Unfortunately, due to its location, debris and vegetation can get into it and cause it malfunction. If you have warm air coming through your vents, check your outdoor unit. Cut back vegetation so that it has at least three feet of clearance.

Your Thermostat Isn’t Working Properly

There’s a chance that your thermostat is to blame for the sudden warmth in the house. You might have accidentally switched the mode to heating, or you might need to replace your thermostat. If it’s the latter scenario, consider upgrading to a programmable or smart thermostat.

Is your air conditioning system blowing warm air? Contact Ed’s Comfort Solutions at 904-201-4779 to determine the cause of your problem and repair it so your home feels cool again.

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