Need Heat Pump Repair

3 Signs Your Heat Pump in Hilliard, FL, Needs Immediate Repair

November 21, 2023

Your heat pump not only keeps your Hilliard, FL, home comfortable. It also improves indoor air quality and protects your home’s energy efficiency. With those facts in mind, it’s important that you know the warning signs of a heat pump that needs professional repair.

Strange Noises

A heat pump in good condition should only produce soft clicking sounds when it starts or ends a cycle. You may also hear soft whirring noises as the blower fan blows the heated or cooled air into the ductwork. Any other noise suggests that your system has faulty components that need repair services.

Some noises you should look out for include banging, continuous clicking, hissing, gurgling and grinding. Loose components cause a banging sound as they hit other parts while refrigerant leaks cause hissing and gurgling noises.

Weird Smells

If you notice any strange odors coming from your heat pump, it’s safe to assume that something is wrong. A musty smell occurs when there are biological contaminants growing somewhere in your heat pump. These contaminants flourish because your heat pump may not be draining excessive moisture efficiently.

Friction between moving parts causes a burning smell while circuit board issues and an overheated fan motor cause a gunpowder odor. If your refrigerant leaks, you will detect a chloroform-like odor.

High Energy Bills

Your heat pump may be the cause of the recent increase in your energy bill. Faulty components make your heat pump work for an extended period. A heat pump that runs for a longer period than usual will consume more electricity.

If you detect any of the mentioned signs, don’t ignore them. Contact Ed’s Comfort Solutions immediately for professional heating services, including heat pump repair. Our service technicians will inspect all the system’s components to identify the faulty parts and repair them correctly.

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