Where Should I Have My Thermostat in Yulee, FL, Installed?

October 28, 2022

Do you want to ensure that you keep your home at a comfortable temperature this winter? If so, it’s important to know where to install your thermostat. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right spot for your thermostat in Yulee, FL.

Place on Interior Walls

One of the best places to install your thermostat is on an interior wall. This will help to ensure that the temperature sensor is accurate. Avoid placing it near windows, doors or any other areas where drafts might occur.

Choose a Central Location

It’s also important to choose a central location for your thermostat to enhance your HVAC system’s functionality. This will help ensure that all rooms in your home are heated or cooled evenly. And it will make it easier for you to adjust the temperature from one central location.

Keep It Out of the Sun

Ensure that your thermostat isn’t placed in direct sunlight. This can cause the sensor to give inaccurate readings. You can use a sunshade or curtain to help keep the area around the thermostat at a consistent temperature.

Mount at the Right Height

Make sure to mount your thermostat at the right height. For best results, place it about five feet off the ground. Also, keep it away from heat-generating appliances.

Avoid Placing in the Hallway

While choosing a central location for your thermostat is important, you should avoid placing it in the hallway. This is because hallways are less likely to be where your loved ones spend a lot of time. As such, the temperature in the hallway is less likely to be a true reflection of the temperature in your home.

If you’re unsure where to have your thermostat installed for optimum indoor temperatures and energy efficiency, contact Ed’s Comfort Solutions. We can help you choose the ideal spot for your needs. We’ll also make sure that it’s properly mounted and working correctly.

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