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Why Does My Heat Pump Never Turn Off?

September 14, 2022

Your heat pump regulates your home’s temperature in cycles under normal circumstances. Sometimes, your unit may run continuously, leaving you wondering what could be the problem. Read on to learn why a heat pump in Woodbine, GA, might constantly run.

Heat Pump is Old

Your system should offer you smooth service for 10 to 15 years. Various factors, such as the weather and how well you maintain your unit, can increase or reduce this period.

After this period, its efficiency drops and the system starts developing problems. One of the common problems is your system starts running constantly.

Your heat pump starts struggling to cool your home due to worn-out parts. Minor repairs may extend its functionality.

However, you may need to conduct frequent HVAC repairs with an old system since it keeps breaking down. The best solution is to install a new unit.

Blocked Condenser Coils

Your heat pump draws heat from your indoors and releases it to the outdoors through the condenser coils. Over time, dirt, debris and leaves may accumulate on these coils, interfering with their ability to remove heat efficiently. Consequently, your system will struggle to dump the excess heat outside, causing it to run for longer to achieve your cooling preferences.

A service technician can help you clean both condenser and evaporator coils. Clean coils will release heat without trouble, restoring your system to optimal performance and reducing energy bills.

Undersized System

An undersized heat pump is too small for your home’s temperature requirements. It has to run incessantly to cool your home.

Running for long periods lowers the unit’s lifespan by increasing wear and tear. Your unit will also consume more energy when it runs constantly.

Getting a correctly sized unit can solve this problem. A professional service technician should perform load calculations to determine the appropriate system for your home.

Contact Ed’s Comfort Solutions for professional AC services if your heat pump keeps running. Our service technicians will check what’s causing the problem and deliver a solution that keeps you comfortable and reduces your energy bill.

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