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Why Your Ductless Heater Isn’t Warming Efficiently

February 27, 2024

Do you rely on a ductless heater to warm one area of your home or multiple mini-splits for zoned whole-house heating? Read on to learn why your ductless heater in Brunswick, GA, isn’t warming your living spaces efficiently.

Inadequate Size for the Room

A ductless heater may struggle to warm a living space if it’s an inadequate size. Each room or zone requires a specific heating capacity, and if the mini-split is undersized for the area it needs to cover, it won’t generate enough heat to reach the desired temperature.

Insufficient Insulation in the Room

Proper insulation is crucial for the efficient operation of any heating system, including ductless heaters. If your living space lacks adequate insulation, the warmth generated by the mini-split may escape, making it challenging to maintain a comfortable temperature. Check windows, doors, and walls for drafts or inadequate insulation. Address these issues to improve the overall effectiveness of your ductless heating system.

Airflow Restrictions or Blockages

Ductless heaters rely on proper airflow to distribute warm air effectively. Obstructions or blockages in front of the indoor air handler, such as furniture or curtains, can impede the airflow and reduce the heater’s efficiency. Ensure no obstacles hinder the system’s ability to circulate warm air throughout the room. Regularly cleaning the air filters is also essential to maintain optimal airflow.

Faulty Thermostat or Settings

Sometimes, the issue lies with the thermostat or the settings on the ductless heater. Check the thermostat to ensure you set it to the desired temperature and heating mode. If the thermostat malfunctions, it may not accurately reflect the room temperature or control the heating function appropriately. Additionally, familiarize yourself with the system’s settings to ensure they align with your heating needs and preferences.

If your ductless heater isn’t warming your living space, contact Ed’s Comfort Solutions for a repair or maintenance service. Continuing to operate the ductless heating system will lead to higher energy and repair bills.

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